TACC Auto Apprenticeships Code Of Practice

TACC Auto Apprenticeships operate within a set of guiding principles that have been adopted to provide a basis for consistent quality and ethical services to the industry.

Demonstrate integrity and compassion and avoid discriminatory practices; 
Have regard for the professional reputation and interests of others; 
Not to use the authority of office for personal gain; 
Respect the confidentiality of information which comes to us in the course of our duty; 
Engage in continued learning to improve managerial competence and pursue new ideas and advances in technology; 
Accept only such work as we believe we are competent to perform and obtain expert advice where necessary; 
Give objective opinions when called upon to do so; 
Ensure that all contracts and terms of business are clear, concise and honoured; 
Ensure that all communications are inclusive, informative, true and not misleading; 
Promote the development and further understanding in society of the role of TACC Auto Apprenticeships and its place in the business community; 
Establish policies, pursue objectives and fulfil obligations in a manner consistent with TACC and industry strategic objectives; 
Strive to promote, implement and monitor training programs relevant to industry and the community; 
Manage resources effectively and economically; 
Undertake all activities in TACC Auto Apprenticeships in a financially responsible manner; 
TACC Auto Apprenticeships staff representing the TACC shall do so in an ethical and professional manner.