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The Tasmanian Automobile Chamber of Commerce (TACC) has served the automotive industry in Tasmania since 1930. There had always been a long standing and mutually supportive relationship between TACC and VACC (Victorian Automobile Chamber Of Commerce) and, in fact. the VACC president and general secretary attended the TACC's first annual meeting in 1930, with a view to cementing the relationship between the two associations. Up until the late 80's TACC was staffed by volunteers, with quite limited resources. At that stage a full time General Manager was appointed, and eventually in around 1997, a full time field officer was appointed to support the director and service the membership.

TACC had successfully represented it's members and lobbied at a State level on behalf of members for many years, but times were changing. TACC amalgamated with the Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce in 1999, enabling the provision to members of a more diversified range of services, while still maintaining a Tasmanian perspective on local issues. TACC is an employer organisation that is extremely relevant in today's business environment, providing support and advice to members on any of the day to day issues that they face in their business endeavours. TACC is staffed by experienced industry professionals, with the support and expertise of the VACC and it's various specialist departments. These departments provide the latest IR, Technical and OHS services to members.

TACC is dedicated to the promotion, representation and preservation of member businesses to Local, State and Federal Governments, as well as the media, consumers and the community.

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